Rates per Class

Rates are done by a weekly basis.
Infant : $210.00
Infant 2 : $200.00
Toddler : $190.00
2's Class : $190.00
Pre-School : $175.00
Pre-Kindergarten : $170
Afterschool Care for VCA students only: $20 daily
All rates include breakfast, lunch, and 3 pm snacks for all rooms.
There are several discounts including. To get those discounts you can contact the Daycare directly.

Classroom Capacity

Each classroom is specifically designed for your child around that age. Your kids will be able to learn and grow specifically to their classroom's abilities.

Wait List

Victory Kids Care does have a wait list on several classrooms as to keep our kids to teacher ratio down. 

Food & Snacks

Victory Kids Care does provide meals for breakfast, lunch and 3pm which is included in the rates per week.